Hi. My name is Louisa Watchorn, and I live in Essex with my husband Mark and my two children, Ben and Max. The boys certainly keep me on my toes and have inspired me to follow my dream of becoming a Wedding Planner.

I have worked in the Events and Hospitality industry for over 10 years, organising events and ensuring they run smoothly. During this time I have learned the importance of attention to detail, and planning.

I am passionate and committed to wedding planning. This stemmed from my time in the hospitality industry where I planned and co-ordinated weddings to a very high standard. I then went on to plan my own wedding in 2016 including co-ordinating everything on the day. This highlighted to me just how important it is to have a helping hand on the day, so that you as the bride can take a step back, relax and really enjoy your special day.

I am based in Essex, however I am able to drive to surrounding counties to help plan your perfect wedding.

I want to work with you to bring your dreams and visions to life and to ensure your wedding day is the perfect day.

Thank you Louisa!

We couldn’t have had the wonderful wedding we did without her help.

Jayne Harrington
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