Louisa was invaluable!

Two of our children had already married at venues with a wedding planner and staff as
part of the package so we felt experienced enough to have the next wedding service and
reception at home – but without Louisa’s help we would have been unprepared and

Louisa visited our home to survey the kitchen and garden and spent a long time
discussing how we envisaged the day and what we had in mind regarding timings, food
and drink. She kindly and tactfully pointed out where some of our ideas may not work
as smoothly as we thought and suggested many excellent plans to adjust these as well as
introducing a number of new schemes which really did make the wedding day more
enjoyable for everyone. Louisa was also accurate in advising on quantities of drinks
purchased and glass hire.

With regard to managing the day the schedule Louisa had put together took into
account the needs of our family, the hairdresser, caterers, guests, the photographer and
all else concerned. She made herself known to anyone arriving and made sure their
requirements were catered for so that we could get on with the hard task of getting

Louisa and her team were efficient, friendly and professional. We couldn’t have had
the wonderful wedding we did without her help.

Thank you Louisa.

Jayne Harrington

Thank you Louisa!

We couldn’t have had the wonderful wedding we did without her help.

Jayne Harrington
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